Big Girls Don’t Cry Part Twenty-Three

“Girl’s Night”

“Wait, wait. Are you kidding me? Please say you’re kidding me.” Sara is looking at me with disbelief while I sip on my drink trying not to laugh. I smile and say, “So are you mad that we didn’t have sex or that he made a point of telling me that we weren’t going to have sex?” Sara starts her retort but I am saved by Katy who walks up and slides into the booth next to me. I give her a smirk and say, “girl you have perfect timing.” Katy waves for our waiter and looks from me to Sara and back again. “Ok what’d I miss?”

I met Katy during my very embarrassing trip to Vegas where she saved me from making a complete fool of myself, well almost. We’ve been great friends ever since. She is total firecracker with light red hair, green eyes and an infectious smile. Tonight she is wearing 4 inch heels on her short 5’0” frame and tight jeans that show off her luscious curves and a low cut top that gives just a peek of her ample chest. I lean down and look at her shoes. “Umm first things first, I thought you were banned from ever wearing heels again after our last outing.”

She flips me and Sara the middle finger and growls, “fuck you” under her breath. “That was one time! Fuck you weren’t supposed to remember that. Ok so it was several times that night and to be fair they were new shoes.” We are laughing at her and she throws her lemon at me. “Fuckers”. Did I mention she has a potty mouth? “What are you bitches talking about?” The waiter brings us a round of shots which gives me a little time to stall. “Annie was just telling me about how her second date with Patrick ended with them in the shower where he told her he was not going to have sex with her. And she stayed in the shower!” I lick the fleshy part of my thumb and shake some salt on it. “Just because there wasn’t penetration doesn’t mean that we didn’t have sex.” I give them both the stink eye and shoot my tequila back. As I am sucking on my lemon Maria walks up.

“Hola!” She grabs the last shot on the tray and shoots it down and then slides in next to Sara. “Who isn’t having sex? I could hear you chicas from the bar.” I look around and thankfully there are not too many people in the bar area yet. “No one is having sex with Annie at the moment. And not for a lacking of trying.” Sara passes Maria a lemon and introduces herself and Katy. “Si! Annie has told me so much about you both. Ahora vayamos a los detalles! I want to know everything.” She is larger than life and Sara and Katy seem to be as enamored with her as much as I was when I first met her.

“Sara seems to think the best way to get over Michael is to sleep with every guy I meet. I can’t help that I still think about him from time to time. I miss him. Even if he smashed my heart into pieces.” I wave the waiter over so I don’t get him stuck in my head again. Fuck. Every time I think I am over him I get sucked back in again by some stupid memory. I order another round of shots. “For the record Annie, I don’t want you to sleep with every guy you date just anyone who will get that asshole out of your head!” Sara gives me that smile that I know so well. That tough love look.

I start telling the girls over drinks what happened with Patrick during our last date. “Leading me into the shower he washed the paint off me going slowly over every inch and then took baby oil splashing my whole body making me very slippery. He kept telling me he wanted to explore every part of me. We kissed under the shower the hot water running down between us. I was getting pretty worked up and I asked perhaps demanded that we take it to the next level. That is when he told me that he wasn’t going to have sex with me. Said he wanted to make it special that I was special to him. I have to admit I had to keep from snorting laughter cause all I was thinking was I want to be bent over and….oops sorry TMI I know.” Maria who has been sitting quietly pipes up now. “Oh Dios Mio!! Chica I am so glad you didn’t fall for that mierda! He is always so full of shit. That man gets more ass than a toilet seat.”

Sara smiles, “Maria I think I love you!” Maria winks, “girl I would rock your world.” The blush starts at Sara’s chest and goes all the way up to the top of her head. For the first time Sara is speechless. Katy looks at Maria. “You’re a lesbian? I mean shit of course you’re a lesbian you’re freakin gorgeous!” Of course the waiter decides at that moment to make his appearance and he has a shit eating grin on his face. We all bust out laughing. “Whatever you’re thinking just stop because this is not a porno dude, this is real life.” Katy is smiling while she says this but I swear the look on his face told us he had a whole scene laid out in his head.

The drinks are flowing throughout dinner and I finally admit to myself that I can’t hold it in and I will have to break the seal. I stand up and Katy volunteers to come with me. “After all we know what happens to you when you are unsupervised in a bar bathroom.” Sara and Maria are too busy talking about their significant others to even notice us leaving. ‘You know I never really said thank you for that night but seriously thank you for saving me from doing something stupid.” We’re in the bathroom waiting our turn and Katy looks at me. “This is going to sound weird but did all that blue paint freak you out?” My mouth curves into a smile and I wiggle my eyebrows. “All I kept thinking was oh shit I am going to turn into Smurfette and that kept me on edge. For as smooth as Patrick was I am glad we didn’t doing anything hard core. Dang that sounds bad.” Katy gives me a lopsided grin, “nope not at all. Guys can have sex with lots of women and everyone thinks they are the shit but if a girl has lots of sex she’s a slut. It’s that stupid double standard. I say fuck that. You have sex with whoever you want and whenever you want.” We bust out laughing and head back to the table.

After dinner we walk down the block to this local bar where Maria knows the owner. The place is packed and the music is pumping. I immediately hit the dance floor where I get lost in the music. I can feel it pulsing through my body and I close my eyes and dive down into the beats. The girls join me after a few minutes and we are all dancing together and laughing like fools. For the moment Michael is far from my thoughts. Suddenly the spotlight shines on me. I look toward the DJ booth and see the bouncer waving me up. My heart starts pounding in my chest as I walk toward the booth. I get that familiar pull in my belly. I immediately start smiling when I see that gorgeous smile that belongs to my favorite Taiwanese/Sicilian DJ. We don’t speak for a moment. He grabs me and pulls me in tightly against him and leans in close whispering in my ear. It sends chills down my back and leaves my panties moist. It’s going to be a good night.


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