Big Girls Don’t Cry Part Sixteen

“You are the Sexy, Dangerous Kind Part Two”

“Annie, you are the sexy dangerous kind and I think I really like that about you but I did tell you that I would have to think of something for you not listening when I said no heels.”  I look at him and try to figure out if he is joking or not.  He chuckles and starts to walk toward his car.  If he is teasing I am not sure I can take it.  “Annie!”  I look up and he has the door open waving me over.  “I am not done with you but this is too open for what I have in mind for you my dear now get in the car I want to do naughty things to you in the woods.”

I walk toward the car on shaky legs full of excitement and heightened arousal.  My head is spinning with heady thoughts of what I want him to do to me.  It almost seems like he has played a cat and mouse game with me until now.  First the New Year’s Eve kiss, then the horseback ride and sunset dinner and just when I was starting to wonder if he was ever going to make a move he completely sweeps me off my feet with the Valentine’s Day date.  He is watching me walk toward him and he has this very wicked grin on his face and I want to run and jump on him.

He has the door open and as I start to get in he grabs me and pulls me toward him and kisses me with such urgency I think he is going to change his mind and take me right there.  Instead he pulls back and grabs my ponytail and pulls down forcing my head back exposing my neck to him.  He smiles again and for a split second I think he is going to grow fangs and bite into the thick part of my neck.  I can feel my pulse beating.  He puts his nose up against my neck inhaling deeply then slowly he brushes his lips on my neck muscles.  Shivers pass down my spine causing me to moan deep in my throat.

His lips find my ear and he bites my lobe and I push myself up against him and I can feel he is as turned on as I am right now. “Please Michael.”  I am begging and I don’t care.  He chuckles and continues his slow torture of my senses.  Just when I don’t think I can take it anymore he releases me and guides me into the car.  I watch him walk around to his side of the car like a cougar watching her prey before she pounces.  He has done something to me I can’t describe.  It is like a slow sexy beat of music that builds ever so slowly to that point where you want to cry out with ecstasy as it pushes you over the edge.  Yes that is what he does to me.

We are driving down a winding road and I am beginning to wonder if he is taking me back to my place when suddenly we pull off onto a dirt lane.  I have been down this scenic road so many times and I don’t ever remember there being a dirt lane here.  He gets that sly smile again and he glances my way.  The sexual tension is very high right now and I am shaking with anticipation.  The car is barely in park before he is out and around to my side of the car pulling me onto my feet.

He leads me to the front of the car.  “Put your hands on the hood of the car.”  I start to ask what he has in mind and he shakes his head.  “Just do it.”  His tone is very convincing and I turn and put my hands on the hood of the car.  “How badly do you want me right now Annie?”  He is right behind me and his hands are pulling my white tee-shirt up and over my head where it slides down my arms.  He pulls it off and lays it on the hood of the car.  The air is cooler now and I am shivering from both the air and what he is going to do to me.  “I want you Michael more than you can image.”  I can hear him groan.

“I like when you say my name.”  I can feel his fingers working on the button of my jeans and he manages to slide them down my legs before I can protest.  I am now half naked in the middle of the woods leaning over his car completely exposed.  And he is completely dressed this is so not fair.  He kneels behind me and pulls my jeans off over my ankle boots.  He runs his hands up my calves and kisses the back part of my knees and then to my thighs and finally up to my back and with two fingers my bra is now undone.  His hands slide under the bra cupping me before he slides the bra off me.

I can feel his fingers as they trail down my spine and then back up again.  All this is doing is getting me more worked up and all I want to do is turn around and kiss him.  His trace is feather light and he is touching me in all the right spots.  He is right behind me and I can feel his body against mine and I am surprised to feel his skin against mine.  When did he take off his clothes?  He still has his boxer briefs on.  “Annie turn around I want to see your beautiful face and kiss those sexy lips of yours.”  I am in his arms before he can get the whole sentence out of his mouth kissing him and pulling him down on me as I lean back against the car.

The sun is coming through the trees and the sounds of nature seem louder.  We are lying on the ground with our clothes as the only cushion between us and the hard dirt.  My leg is draped over his very muscular legs and I have my head resting on his bare chest.  I can hear his heart rate starting to come back down.  My body is pressed very closely against his and he is running his fingers through my hair.  I am pretty sure I am going to be very sore tomorrow between the car and the ground as neither one are very forgiving.  I don’t even care because right now I am in the moment with Michael and I feel like I belong here.  So why does that scare the crap out of me.