Big Girls Don’t Cry Part Fifteen


“You are the Sexy, Dangerous Kind”

I am lying on Sara’s bed watching her get ready for a night out with Tom and she is drilling me with questions about my Valentine’s date with Michael. “Annie, you are so naughty! Right there in the planetarium?” I giggle as I think back to that night. I let out a sigh, “yes it was amazing! I mean really Sara I can’t even begin to describe how he made me feel. It was like he did his homework on me to find out what worked and what didn’t. Nothing he did was wrong and I even made him repeat a few things!”

Sara smiles at me, “well it is about time. I haven’t seen you this happy since Ray. But this time you took it slow or maybe he forced you to go slow but either way I am glad it finally happened for you. So are you going to see him again?” I throw a pillow at her. “Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I?” She gives me that look and I know I am going to get a lecture. “Hmm let’s see. You know I don’t sugar coat anything with you so I am going to give it you straight like I always do. Whenever you get close to someone and things are going well you slam on the brakes.”

“What?! I do not. Do. That.” I take a deep breath and blow it out. “Ok maybe I do but I am not doing it on purpose it just doesn’t ever feel right. Oh my god! Am I that girl that runs away before she can get too involved?” Her obnoxious snort tells me that I indeed do just that. Great. I am wrecking my own relationships. “Well I can’t blame you considering everything that you have been through but you have to take a chance you know. If you keep running away every time you start to feel something you are going to be by yourself for a long time. Unless that is what you want and there is nothing wrong with that.”

I bury my face in her pillow and I can feel my eyes well up as I try to force my tears to go away. She is right and I know it. I haven’t let go of the past yet and if I can’t do that then I can’t move forward and be in a healthy relationship. I feel her sit down on the bed and rub my back. “It’s ok to be scared. Just don’t let it hold you back ok? This Michael guy seems to have broken through your brick wall you’ve got surrounding your heart. Just go with the flow here and see where it takes you. There is no need to rush things. Now stop snotting on my pillow and give me some love.” I start to laugh and sit up giving her a bear hug. She just always seems to know the right thing to say to kick my ass back in gear.

It’s Saturday morning and I am getting ready for my date with Michael. I have never gone on a date in the middle of the day before so I am not real sure what to be prepared for. All he told me was to wear comfortable clothes preferably jeans and no heels. Umm yeah, I need my heels they make me feel sexy so I will pretend I forgot that part. I am going completely causal otherwise in blue jeans, a fitted white tee shirt and a black ball cap with my curly hair pulled through the cap in a ponytail. I decide to wear my black ankle boots which have a heel but aren’t as high as the rest of my shoes.

My door bell rings at 10 am on the dot and I giggle as I walk toward the door. He is never late, ever. It must be a military thing and I find that I have to make sure I am ready way ahead of time so that I am done when he arrives and so far it has worked out for me. I am not sure how he would feel knowing that I am never on time. He gives me a deep kiss as soon as I open the door and I lose all focus. It is amazing that he has that effect on me. My body tingles from head to toe as I remember what that tongue and mouth had done to me only a few days ago.

He breaks away and takes me in. “Annie, you look incredible. The causal look definitely suits you.” He steps back for me come out and it is my turn to look him over as we walk to the car. He is wearing dark jeans, a gray tee shirt and hiking boots. I want to jump him right here but I will wait for how long though I don’t know. As he opens my door he leans in close to my ear, “I thought I said no heels. I will have to think of something to do to you later for not listening to me.” His smile makes me tingle and now I can’t wait to see what he has in store.

I am lost in all the possibilities of things I want him to do to me that I don’t notice that we have pulled onto a dirt road. “You aren’t taking me into the woods to do naughty things to me are you?” He chuckles and gives me a sly grin. “Only what you want me to do to you.” He puts his hand on my knee and slides it slowly up to my inner thigh. He is inching his fingers closer and I feel myself start to move closer to his hand when he gives my thigh a squeeze and releases me. I groan in frustration and look at him. He just smiles and pulls into a parking spot.

I look out the window and see that we are at an outdoor shooting range. Well this is a new one. He grabs a small carrying case out of the back and comes around and opens my door for me. I step out and look around. The whole shooting range is open but surrounded by woods on three sides. The range itself where the shooters stand is a long row with stalls wide enough for 2 people to fit in with a total of 10 stalls. The targets are set up about 25 yards out that back up against a 30 foot high wall. There are 6 stalls being used currently by what appears to be avid shooters.

Michael takes me by the hand and leads me to the last stall. It seems quiet and I realize that everyone has stopped shooting. I look at over at Michael and he smiles. “They are being polite.” He points to his ears when I don’t seem to comprehend. “We need hearing protection.” He hands me ear plugs and passive hearing protection which look like oversized ear muffs. He puts his on first and then helps me with mine. “Have you ever shot a gun before?” I shake my head no because I feel if I talk I will be yelling to be heard over the deafness I feel with all this stuff on my ears.

The shooting starts again and he gives me a quick lesson on guns. “This is a Bretta 92, this is the safety, and this is how you load it.” He makes quick work of showing me how to load and unload it and how to turn the safety on and off. “I want you to hold it and get the feel for it. Don’t point this gun at anything you don’t intend to destroy. Do you understand?” I nod again. I am scared but excited I have never held a gun before.

I take the gun and it feels like cold steel in my hand, light but heavy at the same time. It can’t weigh more than a couple of pounds but to me it seems like a lead ball. He stands behind me so that our bodies are touching and he slides his hands down so that they are over mine holding the gun. His head is on my shoulder and I can smell him and feel his breath on me. How am I supposed to concentrate when he is this close to me?!

He takes his right leg and pushes my legs apart so that I have a slightly wider than shoulder stance. I can feel his heartbeat against my back or maybe that is just mine I am hearing through my ear plugs. He puts his hands on my shoulders forcing me to relax and puts his hands back over mine signaling me to fire off a round. I take a deep breath like he told me to and squeeze off a round. The kickback isn’t as bad as I thought it would be only because he had a firm grip on me and the gun. The thrill of shooting is amazing and we spend the next hour shooting over and over again.

I step aside and let him take the last round and he quickly empties the magazine and chamber, his muscles are tense and I can see his concentration as he is completely focused on the target. Watching him be so intense just gets me so excited. When he pulls the paper target in it looks like he only hit it once but pretty much every shot went to the same place. I am impressed and slightly scared.

“You can take off your hearing protection now.” I realize that it is quiet once again and see that we are the only ones still out here. He dismantles his gun and puts it away in its carrying case. His movements are again very quick and I am in awe as to how fast he moves. Suddenly he is behind me his hands on my jeans pulling at the button to undo them. I start to turn around but he is up against my back his mouth close to my ear his hands pushing my jeans down as he kisses my ear working his way down my neck. His hands have found their way inside my jeans under my panties and he is getting me completely worked up. I can feel how excited he is as he moves against my grinding hips. Suddenly he stops and pulls away from me.

I let out a low growl. “What. What happened? Why did you stop?” He has that smile on his face again. “Annie, you are the sexy dangerous kind and I think I really like that about you but I did tell you that I would have to think of something for you not listening when I said no heels.” I look at him and try to figure out if he is joking or not. He chuckles and starts to walk toward his car. If he is teasing I am not sure I can take it. “Annie!” I look up and he has the door open waving me over. “I am not done with you but this is too open for what I have in mind for you my dear now get in the car I want to do naughty things to you in the woods.”


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