Big Girls Don’t Cry Part Eighteen

“Why does Love Make Things So Complicated”

          We are standing together on the side of the road and the sounds of crickets surround us.  Leaning against him I am lost in his kiss and my heart is pounding.  I am scared and turned on at the same time.  The fear of almost coming off of the motorcycle and actually telling him that I love him has taken me to a new level.  Everything seems so clear to me.  The wind has picked up and I can hear thunder in the distance.  He pulls back and looks at me.  “You love me?”  I smile at him and touch his face.  I am afraid to speak so I nod instead.  A look comes over his face and I can’t tell if it is happiness or him being freaked out.  I realize I don’t know anything about his past lovers.  Did I just commit a big no-no?  I clear my throat.

“Listen, I am not expecting you to tell me you love me it’s just, well it was the heat of the moment.  I was scared and I was afraid of not telling you how I felt.  The way you moved on that motorcycle I have never seen that before.  There is so much I don’t know about you Michael.”  I am looking up into his eyes with the moon shining brightly in the sky and I can feel cold drops of rain fall on my upturned face.  He smiles at me and this smile is one I have not seen before….it seems sad and happy at the same time.  “Darlin, I told you that I would not let anything happen to you.”  He is looking at me so intensely I shiver for all the right reasons.  He pulls me closer and the rain drops continue to fall on my face and I am happy for this as it hides my tears.  His face is buried in my hair and he sighs.

Suddenly the sky opens up and we are quickly getting soaked as the rain comes down on us.  It is slapping against the road, the dirt, the trees making a kind of music that is erotic and sensual.  I smile at him.  He cocks his head at me and I can see he has that look that I know so well.  He takes off my jacket as he slowly kisses my lips flicking his tongue across my bottom lip and I groan with pleasure.  I pull at his jacket tugging it off him as our kissing becomes more urgent while the rain comes down harder.  He pulls me toward the bike and I am not sure at first what he wants me to do.  Down on his knees he tugs my jeans down and over my boots.  My white t-shirt is getting soaked and my pink bra is showing through.  He gets on his bike and then pulls me onto his lap so that I am straddling him.

I wrap my legs around his waist and he has me pulled close enough that I can feel the body heat coming off of us.  He pulls my hair back forcing my head back exposing my neck.  The rain splashes on my face and rolls down my cheeks, my forehead and my neck. It is cold but seems to sizzle against my hot skin.  He does this to me makes my temperature go through the roof.  Michael sinks his teeth gently into my neck and hits a certain spot that makes me cry out with pleasure.  I find that I am grinding myself against him and I grab his shirt and pull it over his head.  I want to feel his skin against me; I want to touch him to feel him as close as I can to me.

Our hands are all over each other touching and pulling at clothes trying to get skin to skin as quickly as possible.  His hands find my panties and I feel them rip as he pulls them aside.  There is urgency between us as he pulls me down on him over and over again.  I feel like I am outside of myself looking down at the two of us making love on his motorcycle on the side of the road with the full moon hanging in the sky like a secret spy watching us from a distance.  Just as he takes me over the edge he pulls me close to him and I can feel his breath on my ear as he nibbles on my lobe.  I feel so close to him right now so why do I feel like this is his way of saying goodbye?


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